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Organizational Transformation

Designing and Guiding Change to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges


Organizational Strategy

Creating the right environment for your people's performance and your clients' success.

Construction companies rely on strong links between people, processes, and technology. Weaknesses in these links cause conflicts, delays, and underperformance, making it difficult to adapt and get things done. 

Palmer’s team of Organizational Strategists, Business Process Experts, and Analysts helps you build your people and teams, improve processes, and leverage the right technology—all while designing the right links between them across your business. 

It all starts with a clear and specific vision that guides decisions, priorities, and operations. 

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Organizational Transformation


Organizational Change

Successful change demands a deliberate, unified strategy. Our expertise in change leadership and communication will guide you through creating a clear vision, aligning resources, and building an actionable plan. 

Organization Design

Success is rarely accidental. Great organizations are carefully constructed and continuously shaped to succeed. Our Organizational Strategists’ roots in organization design will help you position the right resources to do the right jobs with the right tools for the best outcomes. 

Organizational Culture

If you’re struggling to move the needle on desired outcomes, your culture may be the culprit. With research-backed tools offering tangible data connecting operations and expectations to your culture, we’ll help you build a shared culture grounded in your values and goals. 

Business Process Assessment

Being busy and being productive are two very different things. Based on your goals and a comprehensive process assessment, we’ll identify the best path forward for more efficient workflows that are aligned with the realities of your business. 

Dashboards & Reporting

Easy-to-understand visuals based on relevant and accurate data give your business a competitive edge by allowing for faster, better decision-making at all levels. Work with our Analysts to build the dashboards you need, from organizational to financial. 

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