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Digital Transformation

Getting you to Go-Live and Beyond


Systems & Process Consulting

Implementing and optimizing business systems and processes that make an impact.

Realizing a return on your technology investments takes internal alignment, clear expectations, and knowledgeable people to support the technology. Our construction technology experts’ holistic approach will enhance your team’s efforts and expertise. 

Our process starts by assessing your current state for opportunities to break old habits and create new processes for today’s needs and future goals. We take a people-first approach to process assessment, focusing on improving collaboration and communication between the field and office and with your stakeholders. 

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Digital Transformation


Implementation & Optimization

Getting to go-live on a new system requires detailed implementation plan to ensure a return on your investment. With our system and process experts, we’ll tailor our standardized plan to give you a head start and increase confidence and change readiness among your people. 

Business Process Assessments

Being busy and being productive are two very different things. Based on your goals and a comprehensive process assessment, we’ll identify the best path forward for more efficient workflows that are aligned with the realities of your business. 

Training & Support

A key part of a successful go-live in your people’s ability to do their job in the system on day one. Our team of construction-specific business process experts and system specialists supplements your team with support and super-user, end-user, and train-the-trainer training. 

Organizational Change

If you’re struggling to move the needle on desired outcomes, your culture may be the culprit. With research-backed tools offering tangible data connecting operations and expectations to your culture, we’ll help you to build a shared culture grounded in your values and goals. 

Financial Data & Reporting

Your technology should give you a comprehensive view of your business’s financial and operational data. From reconciling old data with new to reimagining how to recognize revenue, we can help you create reports to give you insights into profit maximization. 

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