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Data Transformation

Connecting Data to Deliver Insights


Development Services

Our development team helps leverage your data and systems to make the greatest impact on your organization.

Data is the foundation for business intelligence when it empowers the organization with actionable insights. This begins with clean data moving through well-integrated systems. Palmer’s Developers and Analysts will help you achieve this by ensuring your systems are working together to capture accurate, meaningful data that provides clear and compelling direction to your people and the business. 

By defining and refining workflows, we help you ensure systems are used to their full potential and provide maximum clarity with secure access to the right data. Our dashboards will help you monitor the right information to manage performance.

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Data Transformation


Data Conversions

Moving data is time-consuming and risky. Eliminate risk and reduce time with our streamlined data migration. Our Developers and Analysts have extensive experience transitioning clients from legacy systems to construction ERP solutions and other platforms. 

Systems Integration

Your systems should be built for the way you do business. We work with you to “custom fit” your system integrations, creating better processing, workflows, and data-sharing across your platforms. We’re experienced in many construction ERP solutions and 3rd-party applications. 

Workflows & Notifications

Our Developers keep your field and office teams focused on quality builds, safety, and client relationships by automating workflows and notifications for their most repeatable work: contracts, invoices, job setup, compliance, and more. 

Data Strategy & BI

Collecting data is meaningless if you’re not putting it to work for your people. Leveraging the combined talents of our Developers and Business Consultants, we help you design and implement a data strategy that gives your data meaning and drives the impact it has. 

Reports & Dashboards

Easy-to-understand visuals based on relevant and accurate data give your business a competitive edge by allowing for faster, better decision-making at all levels. Work with our Analysts to build the reports and dashboards you need, from organizational to financial. 

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