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Designing Tomorrow

Designing Tomorrow

Aligning a Marketing & BD Function with Company Strategy

with Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Project Snapshot

San Antonio, TX -     Bartlett Cocke General Contractors, a leading construction company in Texas, had recently established a new vision and strategic plan. They needed to ensure their Marketing & BD function was aligned with and ready to support it - all with an added layer of complexity as they prepared for their long-time M&BD leader to retire.

BCGC partnered with us to help them redesign their M&BD function into a critical player in the success of their new vision and strategy, including ensuring buy-in to the roles, structures, and new ways of operating being established.

Our Tailored Approach
Vision crafting

We kicked off the transformation process with a creative process to help BCGC envision the ideal future state of their M&BD function. It needed to be practically aligned with the company's vision and strategic pillars, and poised to support today's needs and the company's future.

Organization Design

Collaborating with BCGC's marketing & BD partner and putting our organization design expertise to work, we facilitated a comprehensive and practical design process. It included identifying the skills, roles, collaborators, data, and technology stack needed for the M&BD team to execute the right work with the right information at the right time. We gathered insights from multiple BCGC stakeholders to ensure diver perspectives and needs were built into the function's new design.

We coached the leadership team through critical organization design decisions like centralization versus decentralization and the linkages to create between M&BD and other parts of the business. We helped them draw from industry benchmarks, best practices, and even some bleeding edge practices for inspiration and innovation.

Refinement & Playbook

Through rigorous pressure testing against real-world scenarios, we worked with BCGC to refine the design and ensure its viability and success. Then, we crafted a phased playbook tailored to their pace of change so they could transition seamlessly from their current state to their desired future state.

Deliverables & Impact

Through our work with Bartlett Cocke, their M&BD function is transforming in all the right ways, poised to drive sustainable growth and success for the company.

Strategic Alignment. The redesigned M&BD function now serves as a linchpin in relationship building, winning work, and cultivating culture.

Clear Path Forward. We provided a comprehensive critical path encompassing role transitions, training, resource allocation, communication strategies, decision documentation, and milestones to celebrate.

Accountability Measures. A clear and actionable timeline with key milestones and metrics ensured transparency and accountability throughout the journey from current to future state.

Enhanced Collaboration. New roles and processes are fostering enhanced collaboration among M&BD stakeholders, ensuring alignment on priorities and decisions.


"We now have a very clear and intentional vision that we’re working toward with the right resources. Everyone involved knows what their role is, and we’re working the Playbook every day. The pieces are falling into place, and putting the plan into action has only helped with internal understanding and support."


- Luis Beruman, VP of Strategy & Innovation, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors