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Palmer exists to help our customers businesses thrive. Our focus is to be a change agent that makes a positive impact to your company in the near-term as well as the long-term. You will appreciate our hands-on approach to provide creative solutions with vision, understanding, clarity & agility.

We are a group that offers a flexible approach that starts with understanding the vision and needs from the perspectives from all aspects of your business – Executives, Divisions, Departments & Employees. Our collective years of experience working in and with construction companies gives us the ability to understand what your business needs today with a thoughtful eye on tomorrow. For each assignment, we develop a project plan with your team that creates an initial roadmap that serves as a communication tool for the executives, project team, employees and others. This also clearly establishes Palmer’s and your team’s responsibilities, deliverables and timing that helps create a team approach to successfully implement change and improvements.

Our success is measured by always putting your interests first by being authentic and transparent.

ERP Implementation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is used by companies to transact and report on its business. The ERP system is considered a vital organizational tool because it integrates varied functions and processes. ERP could be the smartest tool of choice for your company. View it as a Strategic Solution to bring Productivity & Efficiency to your teams.

Palmer can help you maximize the benefits of your ERP system whether it is helping you change to a new ERP software solution or implement new modules, features, functions of your existing system.

  • Implementing your new ERP – Palmer’s implementation team brings a unique combination of ERP specialists and functional experts (Accounting, HR & Payroll and Operations) to successfully navigate and manage the change of systems, processes, and technologies. Surveys have indicated that approximately 1/3 of companies that have gone through an ERP system implementation have considered it a failure. However, studies further discovered that companies that get their implementations right the first time invest in business process reengineering and organizational change management – this is where we make a difference!
  • Got to Go Live – Now What? – Implementing an ERP system can be exhausting and takes your team’s time and focus away from their primary responsibilities. It’s not surprising then to find that many companies use their existing ERP system exactly how they implemented it and don’t get the full return on their software investment. Don’t buy the Cadillac to drive 2 miles and park it at the train station! Palmer’s consulting team assesses the use of your system to determine how your system can be leveraged to drive lean processes, data analysis & insights, reduction of risk and other valuable benefits.

Financial Analysis and Reporting 

Are you still using Excel to prepare your wip, financial statements, annual budgets and company forecasts? Do you want dashboards that result in action and give you a quick picture of important trends? We work with contractors to automate their financial reporting, create dashboards that tell a story and create meaningful metrics which will inspire improved performance and innovation for your company.

Tax Credits and Incentives

Palmer has teamed up with the leading advisory firm that will help our clients on two overlooked tax incentives for Architects, Engineering, General Contractors, Electrical and Mechanical Subcontractors. Our partner’s professionals consist of attorneys, accountants, engineers, software developers, and scientists who have the experience and the technical capabilities to identify and maximize the tax credits available to our clients.

Research & Development Tax Credit
Any company that designs, develops, or improves products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, or software may be eligible. In fact, if a company has simply invested time, money, and resources toward the advancement and improvement of its products and processes, it may qualify.

Energy - Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (179D)
Congress passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 that created a tax incentive that relates to the design and installation of energy efficient interior lighting, HVAC, hot water, or building envelope systems in commercial buildings. Through this incentive found in section 179D of the Internal Revenue Code, qualifying businesses can receive up to $1.80 per square foot in deductions for eligible projects placed into service any time from 2006 to 2016.

Admin Services

Planning for your future with Palmer Consulting Group.

Palmer can help your business fill in your CIO, Business Analyst and IT/Managed Services gaps. You can count on Palmer Admin services for your admin support needs. Instead of calling software support, putting in a ticket, and waiting, keep your business moving forward by calling your admin who understands your business at Palmer Consulting Group.

In order to ensure our teams, communicate consistently and effectively, we use a state of the art help desk system for day to day communication of non-critical issues and meet periodically to review our performance, system performance and plan for the future.

Process Improvement

The Building industry is designed to be inefficient – architects design, construction companies build and the project owner, architect and contractors use their own systems even though "collaboration" and "integrated project delivery’ methods have been used for the last decade or more.

Process improvements can allow your company to deliver better results to the project owner, grow your company without growing general and administrative expenses, mitigate risks, reduce employee dissatisfaction / turnover and many other strategic drivers.

We help our clients evaluate and reengineer their processes at the time of implementing new software. However, if you seek continuous improvement and desire to have lean processes throughout your company and for your business partners then make process improvement part of your company’s annual business plan and goals.

Prequalification Planning & Implementation

Do you have a prequalification program in place? How is it performing? Does your Operations team have information on subcontractors prior to making a decision on who to include on a bid or prior to an award decision? 

Palmer’s team can help build or improve your prequalification and ongoing requalification of your subcontractors who you rely on to deliver a successful project. We will help assess your current processes and any 3rd party service providers to ensure that your business is following best practices to mitigate risk and limit surprises.

Strategic CFO Services

Our experienced professionals have served as CFO’s and Controllers at construction companies. We partner with your business leaders and Accounting team to deliver guidance and value from your financial reporting and processes.
Develop your Accounting staff and design your Accounting organization for the future.
Design a strategic roadmap in collaboration with your executives to address financial management issues that include assessment of your company’s overall spend and opportunities to shift resources to better support the company’s goals, introducing and developing key banking, accounting and legal relationships and many other services.
Establish finance and accounting best practices and documentation to provide adequate controls and safeguards while driving efficiencies through improved processes and leveraging technology.

CRM/Opportunity Management

We help the AEC industry with designing and implementing processes for your contact management, proposal generation and tracking of opportunities that will enhance relationships and allows you to successfully win projects. 

We will assess your current processes, systems, workflows and data gathering to recommend improvements that will help you build relationships and win work.

We are well versed in the software solutions for these important processes and have experience implementing an integrated solution that best fits the needs of your team.
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