Palmer Consulting Group exists to make good companies great companies that people love to work for and love to work with. Our team partners with your organization and focuses on three actions to help you achieve just that: Align, Build, Adapt.

Aligning people and practices to vision and purpose.
Building capacity for leadership and team effectiveness.
Adapting the organization for success and sustainability.

Organizational Strategy Group

Defining & Fulfilling Purpose

Companies who articulate and live by their purpose increase their long-term profitability by attracting talent, clients, and partners who have a vested interest in seeing that purpose fulfilled. We use a process that facilitates defining your purpose for the first time, redefining your purpose after a shift in the market or leadership, and designing your operations around your purpose.

Setting Goals & Increasing Accountability

Whether your goal is to articulate and live your purpose, implement a new software, or increase profit margins, Palmer can help you be proactive in achieving your goals. We will help you implement a system for clarifying your goals, setting priorities, and simplifying progress.

Aligning Stakeholders

Companies who align the needs of all stakeholders and grant them equal priority experience greater long-term financial success and viability. Palmer partners with you to make stakeholder alignment manageable and effective, putting you on the path to long-term financial success sooner.

Taking On a New Initiative

At Palmer, we believe that a leader’s ability to know when to take on a new initiative and act in time lies in a clear understanding of goals, purpose, and risk tolerance. Our team helps clients gain that clarity preemptively so they can act proactively instead of being reactive to opportunities.

Improving Emotional Intelligence

Many leaders struggle in at least one area of leadership, emotional intelligence (EQ), yet it is one of the most important indicators of an effective leader. With access to research-based assessments that help leaders measure and understand their EQ profile, our team will help develop the most effective leaders and teams for your company.

Empowering Employees

Companies who empower their employees to make decisions, innovate, and collaborate across functions cultivate employees who act more like owners and create more value. Palmer will partner with you to cultivate a culture of empowerment and implement tangible measures to ensure the desired effects on the organization.

Improving Team Effectiveness

Whether teams are established and permanent or ad hoc and temporary, they exist to meet an important organizational need and their effectiveness is critical. Through assessments, communications training, leadership development, and team building facilitation, Palmer helps bring about systemic improvement to team and leadership dynamics and effectiveness.

Expanding Organizational Capacity

Companies that proactively build capacity for the next stage of their business are at an advantage for mitigating risk. With backgrounds in strategy and organization development, our team helps our clients identify strengths and opportunities for improvement and build capacity for the next stage.

Managing Change

Whether change comes from taking on a new opportunity or from circumstances outside of a company’s control, the change needs to be managed well. Using our adaptable Organizational Change Management (OCM) framework that aligns best practices with clients’ unique culture and vision, we have supported clients through changes from global software implementations to responding to changing market conditions.
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