Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) practices guide and support all our Implementation Consulting services because they lead to higher likelihood of reaping all intended benefits of an implementation. We will work with you to design an OCM plan that best serves your needs, culture, and business goals. 

Our change method shortens the learning curve and gets users—and the business—more fully productive and efficient in the new system sooner than a more standard approach.

Palmer OSG

Palmer Consulting Group exists to make good companies great companies that people love to work for and love to work with. Our Organizational Strategy Group, Palmer OSG, was created to help our clients create raving customers, happy and engaged employees, and a future ready for the next generation. To help our clients achieve these results, we focus on three simple actions: Align, Build, Adapt.

Aligning people and practices to vision and purpose.
Building capacity for leadership and team effectiveness.
Adapting the organization for success and sustainability.

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