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Palmer can help your business fill in your CIO, Business Analytst and IT/Managed Services gaps. You can count on Palmer Admin services for your admin support needs. Instead of calling software support, putting in a ticket, and waiting, keep your business moving forward by calling your admin who understands your business at Palmer Consulting Group.

In order to ensure our teams, communicate consistently and effectively, we use a state of the art help desk system for day to day communication of non-critical issues and meet periodically to review our performance, system performance and plan for the future.

CIO Strategic Sessions
Providing consulting on your ERP for current or future CIOS. We incorproate our industry expertise and your individual and buisiness needs.

Business Analyst
Implementing new modules or increasing your use of existing modules or applications and improving your business processes. We also provide training programs for both end user and instructor training.

IT/Managed Services
Assisting you with maintaining project and application module security. Troubleshooting user creation and maintenance, system errors and more.

Pro-Active System Health Check
When engaging Palmer to manage your environment, Palmer will evaluate the systems current health. The health check covers four major areas of your ERP environment. 1. Patch Levels: ERP software, database software, web server and operating system manufacturers release periodic service packs, hotfixes, etc. These releases address performance & security issues, have product enhancements and correct software bugs. Palmer will review your systems to ensure the systems are properly patched. 2. Database Configuration: Our database administrators (DBA) will review your database configuration against our best practices for your ERP solution. In addition, the DBA will collect baseline statistics for the databases performance, review performance & error logs to identify database bottlenecks. 3. Web Server Configuration: Our web administrators will review the web server configuration against our best practices for your ERP solution. In addition, the web administrator will review performance & error logs to identify any issue with the web layer of your system 4. ERP Application: Our system administrators will review the ERP application error logs to identify any application configuration issues

Pro-Active System Health Check
Palmer installs a proactive monitoring system to watch and report on your systems 24/7/365. We have the capability to monitor operating system disk space, memory & CPU utilization, disk I/O, event logs, and more. Our advanced monitoring capabilities monitor your database critical functions and provide predictive statistics allowing our team to resolve an issue before you know there was a possibility of an issue.

Periodic System Review
Each managed services client is assigned to a senior member of our team to ensure we are meeting your expectations. Our commitment to you is to meet at minimum quarterly to review your personalized system performance report, work completed during the previous period and plan the next period’s activities.

Palmer Support Desk
Each customer has access to Palmer’s web based support desk software to log an issue via email or by logging into the system. If you notice a problem or don’t have time to send an email to us, our team is available over the phone 24/7/365.

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